Unlock powerful insights to understand your game better than ever and use the data to quickly identify where there's room for improvement.Get your game (analytics) on.

Dig into the Details with Advanced Analytics

Coaches Game Analysis

- Win More Games

- Improve Team Performance

- Track player Performance

- Coaches/Assistants view Game Details

- Dashboard/Reporting

- Cheaper than Competitors

- Use your own device

Coaches Corner

Create short videos for players to view and provide feedback for training purposes and highlights of players (this is the Additional Cost in Subscription )


- Capture that perfect goal moment

- Provide coaches feedback directly to players

- Highlight specific aspects of the video

- Share to Social Media such as Facebook/Instagram

- Provide Coach Feedback for training/learning purposes

How it Works


Sign up as a coach is quick and easy

Create Teams

Set up your team name and players

Upload Videos

Record game videos to upload

Track Actions

Watch game video and track actions as they occur

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Access your teams/players stats anywhere you go. Watch Game and highlight videos directly from the App. Collaboration between coaches and players in one app.


Coach Analytics has revolutionized the way we approach game strategy and player development. The detailed analytics have helped us pinpoint areas for improvement and leverage our strengths. It's like having an extra assistant coach dedicated entirely to data analysis.

John Smith

Unlock Powerful Insights To Understand Your Game Better Than Ever And Use The Data To Quickly Identify Where There's Room For Improvement.Get Your Game (Analytics) On.



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